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The Echo® liquid handler overcomes traditional barriers in genomic research by dramatically reducing sample and reagent volume requirements, eliminating cross contamination and delivering reliable data—which enables scientists to miniaturize genomic applications and achieve drastically improved results. We further expand these benefits with our Access™ laboratory workstation, a tailored robotic system that enables high-throughput, walk-away sample screening. 


With the Echo liquid handler, researchers can minimize all assay components, including protein and antibody samples across a range of destination targets. Characterizing protein structure, expression and function is a critical component in studying biological systems. Our patented Dynamic Fluid Analysis™ technology guarantees precise transfers across a range of fluids such as buffers, proteins, 0-50% glycerol and the entire range of crystallography solutions.

Cell Based Assays

Cell based assays offer a more accurate representation of the real-life model and enable more dynamic experiments. The increasing demand for in-depth cell analysis is pushing scientists to improve assay throughput while reducing operating costs. Labcyte provides tools ranging from tissue culture-treated microplates to tailored robotic workstations combining storage, liquid handling and detection. 

Drug Discovery

Since selling our first Echo liquid handler in 2004, Labcyte has helped customers attain better scientific data while reducing costs and waste. Our solutions have dramatically improved small molecule transfer during multiple steps of the drug discovery process—including compound management, assay development, high throughput screening and lead optimization. The Echo liquid handler has improved results in pharmaceutical, biotech and academic laboratories worldwide.