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Drug Discovery

Since introducing the Echo liquid handler in 2004, we have continued to help our customers attain better scientific data while reducing costs and waste. Echo liquid handlers dramatically improve liquid handling throughout the drug discovery process including compound management, assay development, high throughput screening and lead optimization. Our technology enables miniaturization with unparalleled throughput and accuracy in both biochemical and cell-based assays. Labcyte's patented Dynamic Fluid Analysis™ technology guarantees precise transfers across a range of fluids such as DMSO, buffers, nucleic acids, proteins, glycerol, and a broad range of crystallography solutions.

Cancer Research

Labcyte solutions are behind many of the advancements in cancer research to identify underlying causes and develop strategies for prevention, diagnosis, treatments, and cures. The Echo liquid hander has helped research programs to drive down their assay costs, while enabling experimental workflows that were not otherwise possible. Additionally, the Echo liquid handlers have enabled a broader analysis of scarce materials with consistent and comparably better results.

Genomic Research

The Echo liquid handler overcomes traditional barriers in genomic research by dramatically reducing sample and reagent volume requirements. While miniaturization reduces research costs, the Echo system's non-contact transfer also eliminates cross contamination to ensure reliable and reproducible data. From the basics of PCR setup to the complexities of synthetic biology, reliable sample preparation with the Echo liquid handler saves time, improves decision making, and empowers research programs.