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Reduce working volumes and lower costs


Reduce Working Volumes and Lower Costs

To avoid the impacts of poor liquid handling performance, researchers traditionally use large volumes of samples and reagents to prepare qPCR assays—raising costs and lowering throughput. Echo Liquid Handlers reverse this trend by eliminating cross-contamination and lowering reaction volumes to as low as 250 nL.

Reduce Sample Preparation Costs and Eliminate Cross-Contamination

Echo 555 Liquid Handler Echo® 555 LIQUID HANDLER

The Echo Liquid Handler lowers the cost of 384-well and 1536-well qPCR assays—reducing total reaction volumes to as low as 250 nL. Because the Echo Liquid Handler does not require tips or contact with liquids, any risk for cross-contamination is eliminated. Additionally, precise and accurate transfer of sub-microliter volumes enables the addition of concentrated samples without prior dilution. With options for integrated plate handling automation and software tailored for genomic research, Echo systems can easily scale for production environments.

Key Benefits

  • Reduced operating costs through efficient assay miniaturization
  • Improved data quality with assay volumes as low as 250 nL
  • Elimination of cross contamination
  • Integrated systems and software tailored for genomic assays
Advances in High-Throughput One-Step qPCR Directly From Cells Enabled by the Echo® Liquid Handler and Roche LightCycler®
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