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Transfer sub-microliter volumes of siRNA samples directly into assays


Low Volume siRNA Libraries for High Throughput Screening

Creating high concentration, low volume, siRNA libraries for transfection reduces siRNA consumption and improves transfection efficiency. Unlike tip-based liquid handlers or bulk dispensers, the Echo Liquid Handler can transfer sub-microliter volumes of siRNA samples directly into assays or library plates dried down for down-stream use.

Echo 555 Liquid Handler


With the ability to transfer nanoliter volumes of concentrated siRNA samples, the Echo Liquid Handler is well suited for siRNA library creation. Library plates prepared by the Echo liquid handler can be dried down and stored for later use. When siRNA samples are transferred for transfection and screening, acoustic, non-contact, transfer ensures cross-contamination is eliminated. As an alternative to building your own siRNA libraries, Dharmacon and QIAGEN libraries in Echo Qualified Plates are commercially available. Labcyte incorporates the Echo Liquid Handler into both small- and large-scale automated systems that combine incubated storage, cell plating and detection into a walk-up, walk-away screening solution.

Key Benefits

  • Consistently superior results through precise touchless liquid handling
  • Support for a range of assay formats from 96-, 384- and 1536-well microplates to chips or arrays
  • Modular workstations that scale easily to include incubation, detection and bulk reagent dispensing
  • Commercially available Dharmacon or QIAGEN libraries in Labcyte source plates enable miniaturized siRNA screens without manual intervention
High Throughput Screening with siRNA Libraries — Optimizing Assay Performance to Improve Data Quality
Lynn Rassmussen    |   Southern Research Institute