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on Acoustic Droplet Ejection Technology

Learn how the Echo® Acoustic Liquid Handling is changing Life Sciences through Acoustic Droplet Ejection Technology, using sound energy to provide highly accurate, fully automated, non-contact dispensing of fluids. Acoustic Droplet Ejection Technology evolves personalised medicine to ensure that the right drug is given to the right patient at the right time. Precise screening of potential therapies on a patient's own cells in a high-throughput, cost-effective manner enabling the next-generation of precision medicine. Acoustic liquid handling simplifies workflows and avoids issues that can arise from the use of traditional tip-based systems including sample adhering to the tips, lower precision at nL volumes, and the need for tip disposal.

Personalised Medicine
Functional Screening and Biologically-relevant Screening Models
Gene Expression Studies by RNAi
Single-cell Sequencing
IDM Institute of Infectious Disease and Molecular Medicine, UCT Cape Town
SEMINAR 1 – RSVP Required
14 November, 14h30
Acoustic Liquid Handling for Personalised Medicine & Genomics Applications
SEMINAR 2 – RSVP Required
15 November, 10h00
Acoustic Liquid Handling for Personalised Medicine & Genomics Applications
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