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Liquid Handling

Revolutionary Liquid Handling Using Sound

The Echo liquid handler revolutionizes liquid handling with acoustic energy. Sound waves eject precisely sized droplets from a source onto a microplate, slide or other surface suspended above the source. This product does not use tips, pin tools or nozzles—completely eliminating contact between the instrument and the liquid. Fluids are transferred in nanoliter increments. Larger volumes are transferred at the rate of hundreds of droplets per second.

Revolutionizing Liquid Handling with Sound Echo liquid handlers produce better-quality data and reduce costs

The newest member of the Echo product family enables rapid, higher-volume transfer of protein-based and biochemical reagents. With a 25 nL increment and rapid transfer rates, the Echo 525 liquid handler transfers reagents contamination-free, without sacrificing reagent volume or reagent quality to tubing, tips, or nozzles.  




Echo Liquid Handler for Screening

Echo liquid handlers produce better-quality data and reduce costs when using Echo screening models for sample management or high-throughput plate preparation. Built-in DMSO hydration measurements ensure accurate transfer and allow the user to track compound library integrity.

Echo® Liquid Handler for OMICS

Patented Labcyte Dynamic Fluid Analysis™ technology eliminates the need for calibration to run an assay. These models enable high-speed, contamination-free transfer of cDNA, siRNA vectors, proteins and crystallography reagents—in nanoliter increments.

Echo® Liquid Handler or Screening and OMICS

These models combine the capabilities of the Echo Screening and OMICS platforms. They are ideally suited to labs that must transfer small-molecule compounds and aqueous reagents. 

Echo® Software Applications

Labcyte software solutions are tailored for a range of laboratory applications, enabling users to maximize their investment in an Echo liquid handler.


Walk-Up, Walk-Away Solutions for the Echo Liquid Handler

Labcyte automation products incorporate Echo liquid handlers into both small- and large-scale systems. Each platform offers a range of options for storage, plate handling, liquid handling and detection.

Access™ Laboratory Workstation

Access workstations are modular, flexible systems that quickly add walk-away capability to any Echo liquid handler.

POD™ Automation Platform

The POD™ automation platform adapts Echo liquid handlers to production environments that require maximum throughput and capacity.

Tempo™ Automation Control Software

Tempo automation control software provides a research-friendly interface that enables design and scheduling of complex routines for POD and Access systems.


Precision Manufacturing, Exceptional Performance

Our precise manufacturing and qualification processes deliver high-quality plates for compound storage and miniaturized assays. All Labcyte microplates provide consistent color, clarity, well geometry and shape.

Echo® Qualified Source Plates

Highly uniform 384-well and 1536-well microplates. The ideal source microplates for the Echo liquid handler.

Labcyte® Assay Microplates

384-well and 1536-well microplates for assays and tissue culture experiments. The right choice for most readers and liquid handlers.

MicroClime® Environmental Lid

The best high-density microplate cover. Eliminate edge effects and protect against hydration or evaporation.

Labcyte® Echo® Qualified Reservoir

An Echo® 525 liquid handler source plate designed to enable convenient assay assembly and efficient large reagent volume transfers. The Reservoir enables scientists performing genomic, proteomic and cell-based assays to dispense costly and precious reagents and samples with minimal dead volume.