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Intuitive protocol design for Echo Liquid Handlers

  • Reduce learning curve and hands-on time
  • Maximize utility, throughput and precision
  • Simulate before running to validate each step
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Guided Protocol Creation

Labcyte software solutions are tailored for a range of laboratory applications, enabling users to maximize their investment in an Echo® Liquid Handler. Each application uses a combination of pop-up wizards and interactive graphics to simplify the creation and editing of complex protocols.

  • Echo Array Maker

    Echo® Array Maker Simplifies custom array design

    Transfer samples into spotting patterns of any format. This software transfers samples directly to array slides in user-defined order and spacing or to multiple locations in a single destination well. Patterns can be saved to a library and reused in future protocols.

  • Echo Cherry Pick

    Echo® Cherry Pick File-driven transfers from any well to any well

    Guide file-driven transfers of samples from any source well to any destination well. Echo Cherry Pick software supports pick lists and produces output files in nearly any CSV file format—typically required by LIMS or other workflow management software.

  • Echo Combination Screen

    Echo® Combination Screen Combine curves of any format in 2D and 3D

    The latest software application for Echo Liquid Handlers, Echo Combination Screen, simplifies the creation of combination layouts to save time without limiting flexibility. A curve editor automatically converts starting concentrations and dilution factors into transfer and normalization volumes for any curve imaginable.

  • Echo® Dose-Response Better dose titration results

    Prepare IC50, EC50 or any type of dose-response curves using the unique ability of the Echo liquid handler to perform direct dilution. The intuitive graphical user interface allows the sample distribution, back-filling and control transfer required for each curve to be incorporated into a single protocol.

  • Echo Plate Audit

    Echo® Plate Audit Validate and monitor sample libraries

    Analyze and compare sample composition and volume. Echo Plate Audit utilizes the ability of the Echo liquid handler to acoustically analyze sample properties for pre-run validation and tracking.

  • Echo Plate Reformat

    Echo® Plate Reformat Simple, sophisticated plate transfer functions

    Enable a broad range of plate transfer functions from plate replication to library compression/reformatting and custom mapping. A drag-and-drop interface, combined with color-coded plate previews, simplifies setting up even the most complex cross-pooling protocols.

For Research Use Only Not for use in Diagnostics