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Labcyte Overview

Labcyte offers complete liquid handling solutions to support your research.

Precision Medicine Research at the Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland (FIMM)

Dr. Krister Wennerberg describes his experience of using the Echo liquid handler to drive precision medicine research at FIMM.

Scientists from Amyris Biotechnologies Discuss the Echo liquid handler

Amyris scientists discuss the many benefits of the Labcyte® Echo® liquid handler in their work.

Recent publication from Amyris, Inc and TOTAL New Energies USA, Inc: Low-cost, High-Throughput Sequencing of DNA Assemblies Using a Highly Multiplexed Nextera Process, Shapland et al. ACS Synthetic Biology, 2015. 



World Economic Forum Selects Labcyte as 2015 Technology Pioneer

Labcyte is recognized for enabling scientists to discover new therapeutics with its acoustic liquid handling system.

Echo® Liquid Handler

The Echo liquid handler revolutionizes liquid handling with acoustic energy. Sound waves eject precisely sized droplets from a source onto a microplate, slide or other surface suspended above the source.

Access™ Laboratory Workstation

Access workstations are modular, flexible systems to quickly add walk-away capability to any Echo liquid handler.

POD™ Automation Platform

The POD automation platform adapts Echo liquid handlers for the production environment requiring maximum throughput and capacity.