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Setting new standards for sample integrity, sample management efficiency, and data quality

Cost-effective Plate Preparation and Superior Data Quality

Echo 655T Liquid Handler

Sample management is the linchpin of any discovery process. For screens to be run effectively, the sample library must be uncompromised. Labcyte’s sample management solutions dramatically reduce sample volume requirements without sacrificing precision.

Fully Acoustic Sample Management

The introduction of acoustic tubes enables fully acoustic sample management workflows and offers all the benefits of tip-less liquid transfer, starting at sample preparation. Acoustic tubes coupled with the Echo 655T Liquid Handler and Access Dual Robot System offer superior results for sample management applications.

  • Primary Screening
  • Secondary Screening
  • Hit Validation
  • Dose-Response, IC50, EC50
  • Assay-ready Plate Production
  • Targeted Screening

Primary Screening

Primary screening workflows benefit from a completely acoustic liquid handling solution, eliminating the risk of sample contamination or loss. Sample transfers can be made directly from source acoustic tubes to source plates or assay-ready plates.

Fully Acoustic Liquid Handling Solution

Acoustic Tube Racks
Source Plates
Assay-ready Plates

Secondary Screening

Whether you are verifying targets by re-screening hits or creating dose response curves, acoustic sample management workflows will validate hits 8x faster. The ability to cherry-pick only indentified hits into a tube rack prevents unnecessary freeze-thaw cycles and risk of hydration or evaporation due to exposure to environment.

Acoustic Tube Racks
Validate Hits 8X Faster

Process 625 tube racks instead of 5,209 384-well source plates, when screening 2,000,000 compounds at a 3% hit rate

Assay-ready Plates
Acoustic Tube Racks
Increase Data Quality of Dose-Response Assays

Create curves and intermediate dilutions directly from tubes, avoiding sample carryover, and cross-contamination

Intermediate Dilution Plates
Assay-ready Plates


Technology innovation will help prepare drug discovery for smart screening era

on Drug Discovery World

February 2018

Dr. Clive Green and Dr. Philip Spencer


Drug discovery is undergoing a transformation powered by advances that provide more knowledge from biological assays, allow for screening orders of magnitude more molecules and enable smarter selection of compounds.

We are on the cusp of having previously unimaginable amounts of information about each target and many more targets to prosecute. For instance, last year AstraZeneca launched an integrated genomics initiative through which scientists will investigate data from as many as two million human genomes, including more than 500,000 from clinical trials run by the company.


Key Benefits

  • Improved sample integrity by eliminating unnecessary freeze-thaw cycles and limiting hydration and evaporation
  • Faster hit validation by transferring samples acoustically without source plates
  • Elimination of disposable tip cost typically used by traditional liquid handling processes
  • Reduced sample volume requirements, enabling longer use of precious libraries and waste reduction