Echo Liquid Handling for


Cost-effective, high-throughput RT-qPCR

A Complete Walk-away Solution for Gene Expression

Eliminate costly and laborious preparation steps to enable high throughput RT-qPCR analysis of endogenous gene expression. The Echo Liquid Handler combined with one-step reagents, improved detection systems and automated plate handling makes cost-effective, high-throughput RT-qPCR a reality.

Lower the cost of high-throughput gene expression with RT-qPCR

Echo 550 Liquid Handler

RT-qPCR is arguably the most sensitive technology available for measuring endogenous gene expression. However, despite having clear advantages over reporter-based methods, rigorous sample preparation steps and reagent costs have prohibited the use of RT-qPCR when high-throughput analysis is required. Overcoming this, use of the Echo Liquid Handler to transfer cell lysates and novel one-step qPCR reagents has demonstrated a tremendous reduction in reaction volumes while improving data quality. With Echo Liquid Handlers reaction volumes can be reduced to 250 nL or less in 384-well or 1536-well PCR plates. To expand these benefits even further, the Access Laboratory Workstation incorporates the Echo Liquid Handler into a turnkey, automated solution for high throughput gene expression—cell lysates direct to PCR in a single step.

Key Benefits

  • One-step gene expression at volumes as low as 250 nL—using industry-standard reagents and detection platforms
  • Simplified transition to 384- and 1536-well assays
  • High-throughput screens using primary cells
  • Access workstations tailored for walk-away gene expression screening