Echo Liquid Handling for


Dispense a broad range of sparse matrix crystallography fluids in low-volume

Dynamic Fluid Analysis Allows Screening, Microcrystal Transfer and Grid Screen Creation

Structural biologists have long been forced to deal with the limitations of traditional liquid handlers when planning crystallization experiments. The Echo Liquid Handler eliminates these limitations by dispensing a broad range of sparse matrix crystallography fluids in low-volume increments of 2.5 nL.

Echo 555 Liquid Handler

Technology that Supports Precise Transfers

Using Dynamic Fluid Analysis, the Echo Liquid Handler acoustically interrogates each well and automatically adjusts power requirements—helping ensure precise transfer of hundreds of crystallography screens with one self-adjusting fluid type. Labcyte customers use the Echo Liquid Handler to transfer microcrystals and additive screens—and to generate grid screen conditions on the fly. The Echo 555 and 550 models can also transfer small volumes of compound. This simplifies co-crystallization processes at low volumes.

Key Benefits

  • Accurate and precise transfer of a wide range of liquids
  • Non-contact transfer of crystallization screens, additives and proteins
  • Drop-on-drop performance at final assay volumes of 50 nL or less
  • Microcrystal transfer to enable low-volume optimization trials
  • Simplification of grid screen formulation through the on-the-fly creation of screens from concentrated stock reagents
  • Minimization of DMSO interference while investigating small molecule binding


Advances in Acoustic Protein Crystallography Screening Using the Echo Liquid Handler

JSeth Harris|Genentech, Inc.