Echo Liquid Handling for


Cost-effective plate preparation and enable the monitoring of the source library

Maintain Sample Integrity and Simplify Compound Distribution

The integrity of a compound library is the lynchpin of any discovery process. For screens to be run effectively, the compound library must be uncompromised. Labcyte solutions in sample management allow cost-effective plate preparation and enable the monitoring of the source library.

Sample Management

The first widespread use of the Echo Liquid Handler was in sample management. This innovative product enables the creation of assay-ready plates by making it possible to transfer compounds in 2.5 nL increments. Researchers can dramatically reduce sample volume requirements by transferring >100 nL of compound per well — with no sacrifice of precision.

The availability of small- and large-scale robotic systems meets a variety of needs and helps ensure the greatest degree of throughput and efficiency in assay plate production.

Key Benefits

  • Elimination of the cost of disposable tips typically used by traditional liquid handling processes
  • Reduced sample volume requirements, enabling longer use of precious libraries and reduced waste
  • Rapid, real-time feedback on sample integrity and DMSO hydration levels