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FRIDAY – JUNE 10, 2016

ARTICLE: Individualized Medicine vs. Precision Medicine - DDNews

There are people who will die of cancer this week even though there are drugs that could help them. At the same time, hundreds of patients will undergo cancer chemotherapy that, while debilitating and expensive, will not cure them of their...

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MONDAY – APRIL 25, 2016

Improved Cell Screening Shows Promise for Leukemia Patients

In an article recently published by

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    THURSDAY – APRIL 21, 2016

    At SynBioBeta London, a Maturing Field Garners Industrial Interest

    The Labcyte team was delighted to participate in the recent SynBioBeta meeting held in London. It’s the second year we’ve exhibited at this great event, and it was gratifying to find that even more people there have been using our tools to...

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    MONDAY – APRIL 11, 2016

    Institut Pasteur and Labcyte Symposium

    JOIN US for a One-Day Symposium at the Institut Pasteur, on F...

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    THURSDAY – MARCH 24, 2016

    VISIT US at BOOTH 536 @ #AACR16 for Sound Cancer Research Ideas

    Did you know that Labcyte’s acoustic liquid handling technology can be used to conduct ex vivo drug screening on patient cells to identify cancer treatments likely to work in vivo? Exciting new research from our customers is...

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    THURSDAY – MARCH 17, 2016

    NEW APP NOTE: Affordable NGS Library Prep and Barcoding

    Recently Labcyte teamed up with metagenomics company Radiant Genomics to see how tipless acoustic handling could improve their NGS sample prep workflow. We’ve docum...

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