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BEBPA 2018: Biopharmaceutical Discovery and Assay Development Using Acoustic Liquid Handling

This year’s annual meeting of the European Bioassay Conference (BEBPA) is taking place in Budapest, Hungary, from September 26...

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See You at the Basel Life MipTec Meeting!

We’re getting ready for next week’s life science mega-event, Basel Life MipTec, held in Switzerland. Thousands of scientists will...

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SEngine Uses Patient-Derived Organoids to Help Oncologists Determine the Best Treatment Strategy

Scientists at SEngine are growing tumor organoids and dosing them with more than 120 drug combinations to see which one works best...

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MONDAY – AUGUST 13, 2018

Amyris Boosts Production and Reduces Expenses with Acoustic Liquid Handling

Scientists at Amyris have accelerated production and reduced manufacturing expenses by as much as 90 percent through their use of the Echo® Liquid Handler, according to Chance Elliot, the company’s Director of Automation Engineering...

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More Data, More Problems – New Group Sheds Genomics in Favor of Practical Approaches

When it comes to modern medicine, Tony Letai prefers to go old school. Keep it simple, he says. Simple assays. Simple analysis. Keep it real, he says. Real patient samples. Real-time results.

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MONDAY – JULY 30, 2018

Saving an Enzymatic HTS Assay with Sound

In theory, it shouldn’t have presented much of a challenge, but trying to automatize a classic enzymatic assay based on the use of a substrate that becomes fluorescent after saponification proved more difficult.

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FRIDAY – JULY 20, 2018

Accelerating the Discovery of New Antimicrobial Compounds

In the race to discover new antibiotics against high-threat pathogens, every minute matters. For researchers at Rutgers University’s infectious diseases screening and containment labs, the Echo® Liquid Handler system has been a critical..

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THURSDAY – JULY 19, 2018

Labcyte to Support GP-write Project Harness Knowledge from Human Genome Project

Labcyte is helping an international network of scientists in their quest to harness the blueprints provided by the Human Genome Project (HGP-read), to rewrite the capabilities of modern genomics.

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