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FRIDAY – APRIL 20, 2018

The Microbiome and Our Health - New Application Using the Echo Acoustic Liquid Handler for Metagenomic Studies

As we dive deeper into our understanding of the microbiome, scientists are discovering many important metabolic pathways of bacteria are intertwined with the biochemical processes of the human body…

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FRIDAY – APRIL 06, 2018

Cancer Research Advances Enabled by Acoustic Liquid Handling to be Presented at AACR 2018

We’ll be joining thousands of cancer researchers from around the world who will be converging in Chicago on April 14-18, for the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting.…

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TUESDAY – MARCH 20, 2018

Insight from IGENOMIX: Webinar Explores Acoustic Liquid Handling for Carrier Screening

When you’re sequencing thousands of genetic samples to assess a couples' carrier status for 600 Mendelian diseases, efficiency and accuracy are critical. Enter Echo® Acoustic Liquid Handling...

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Reproducibility in Reproductive Genetic Testing

It turns out that humans, more than any other species, have a propensity for making chromosomally abnormal embryos. As women age, the chances are even higher that the embryos they create will not mature into live children.

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    THURSDAY – FEBRUARY 15, 2018

    Labcyte Bike Team Wins First Place

    Keeping Our Resolve - When your New Year's resolutions include getting fit, spending more time outdoors, and reducing your carbon footprint, swapping bike for car as the way to work can be the perfect way to achieve all th...

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    MONDAY – FEBRUARY 12, 2018

    Accolades for Echo Liquid Handlers at SLAS2018

    The reviews are in, the judges have spoken, and Echo® Liquid Handlers have come out on top. The Labcyte team has returned from San Diego with two awards: the SLAS New Product Award...

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    TUESDAY – JANUARY 16, 2018

    The New Sound of Sample Management

    When AstraZeneca wanted to update its pharmaceutical compound management with a fully acoustic system, we were happy to take on the challenge. Two years later, we...

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    THURSDAY – NOVEMBER 30, 2017

    Precision at the Heart of Precision Oncology

    The future of precision oncology is happening now, in the labs of Seattle-based start-up SEngine, where individual patient tumor cells are screened against a libra...

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