Creating Solutions for Synthetic Biology and Beyond

Written by Bioscribe on February 14, 2019

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The drive to apply automation to new workflows for gene synthesis, quality-control, and functional testing has pressured automation providers to evolve their offerings. For Labcyte, this has led to the development of larger scale platforms with more flexibility to allow researchers to quickly adapt to changing requirements. And to working closely with our users to create the best solutions to any challenges that arise when investigating new methodologies, software, and chemistries in their labs.

Our Vice President of Marketing, Chris Grimley, recently spoke to Synbiobeta about how scientists are using automation for much more than simply offloading repetitive work.

“We have seen many of our users employ automation strategically to enable workflows that may not have been possible or affordable otherwise,” Grimley said.

For this reason, there is often a great benefit to working with technology providers like Labvcyte to adapt workflows to automation and new technology, instead of simply applying automation to an established workflow.

“This collaborative approach is often mutually beneficial and can lead to technological advancements beneficial to the industry,” he added.

Read the full interview here and learn more about the benefits of Echo acoustic liquid handling in synthetic biology.

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