FIMM Extends Personalized Medicine Collaboration with Labcyte

Written by Bioscribe on November 08, 2017

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It’s brought unparalleled levels of precision to precision medicine, and enabled cancer treatment to be truly tailored to individual patients. Now Labcyte’s acoustic liquid handling technology will help the Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland (FIMM) take its innovative functional cell screening strategies to the next level.

FIMM, a unit of the Helsinki Institute of Life Science at the University of Helsinki, began collaborating with Labcyte in 2013, leveraging the unique capabilities of Labcyte’s Echo® Liquid Handler and Access™ Automation platform to test the effects of hundreds of different drug options on patients’ cancer cells in the lab. Combined with the patient’s DNA data, this information can help doctors create a tailored treatment plan in real time.

The Institute is now venturing into spheroids, organoids, and cellulose matrices for 3D cell cultures, and Labcyte technology will help in the development of these advanced cell models.

The expanded collaboration will also include cell-based assay development and screening, such as lysate-based assays for multiplexing and standard miniaturized assays, as well as flow cytometry assays.

“FIMM’s Individualized Systems Medicine in Cancer program has greatly benefited from Labcyte’s acoustic liquid handling technology,” said Jani Saarela, Research Director at FIMM and the Head of the FIMM Technology Centre. “Our collaboration has been essential for the successful drug sensitivity testing assays we have set up.”

The Echo Liquid Handler will also be integrated into FIMM’s genomics program to include single cell genomics and population genetics workflows, Saarela said. “Labcyte’s equipment will enable us to miniaturize assays, make complex liquid handling processes simple, and explore the use of acoustic liquid handling for biobanked DNA samples.”

Mark Fischer-Colbrie, Chief Executive Officer at Labcyte, said after four years of helping to break new ground in personalized medicine, he’s excited to work on additional pioneering projects.

“The collaboration with FIMM has been one of our most successful and productive to date,” he added. “The team at FIMM have enabled patients to achieve remission and identified drugs and drug combinations that can be used more broadly.” Read the full release here, and learn more about the application of Labcyte’s acoustic liquid handling technology in precision medicine here.

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