Labcyte Genomics Symposium Edinburgh: Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics


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The Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics at the Oxford Genomics Centre is a core facility that provides a high-throughput genomics and bioinformatics services. Dr. Paolo Piazza, section leader for Library Prep and Process, recently spoke at the Labcyte Genomics Symposium about automated solutions for sequencing facilities.

In this video presentation, where Dr. Piazza presents a selection of the technologies and workflows adapted for various sequencing library applications, with examples of challenges and improvements. Applications discussed include pathogen re-sequencing, such as adapting a protocol to detect and sequence full viral genomes, and rapid detection of antibiotic resistant pathogens. His group’s efforts to standardize workflows are also described, with summaries of the common points and processes for sample QC and library preparation. Dr. Piazza reveals how automated liquid handling using the Labcyte Echo 525, has been successfully integrated into these standard workflows.

Dr. Piazza is now looking at streamlining library preparation methods to reduce the number of offline steps, initially focusing on the final clean-up step before PCR amplification. Removing the clean-up step would speed up the workflow and also prevent any loss of DNA. Progress has been made to replace final clean-up with a heat inactivation step while maintaining the number and quality of sequencing reads possible from libraries. Efforts have also been made to replace DNA fragmentation using an offline sonication with enzyme fragmentation. Dr. Piazza presents data from both of these approaches in the talk.