Labcyte Making Waves @SLAS2016


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In late January, more than 6,000 people descended on San Diego for the Society for Lab Automation and Screening (SLAS) meeting. With registrations to the annual meeting up a whopping 34% over last year, all indications are that interest in advanced automation systems is growing.

Labcyte once again had a major presence at the meeting. Highlights included:

  • Tutorial presentations by our customers from Genentech, Uppsala University, Dow Agroscience, and Southern Research Institute.


  • A presentation by John Lesnick and Linda Orren of Labcyte titled “Interrogating the PI3K Pathway Using the Labcyte Echo Series of Acoustic Liquid Handlers.” Activation of the PI3K-AKT cell signaling pathway has been implicated in a wide variety of cancers, and our scientists used this as a template to highlight the growing catalog of applications where the Echo liquid handlers can reduce costs and increase flexibility and data quality.

  • 10 POSTERS presented by Labcyte. Eight built on the work using the PI3K pathway integration described above. These included a poster featuring an Access Automated Workstation fully integrated with both an Echo 555 liquid handler and an Echo 525 Liquid Handler running a biochemical screening assay. We also demonstrated the implementation of Echo Combination Screen, Labcyte’s newest addition to the Labcyte suite of software applications. Another poster described a method for dispensing cells with the Echo 525 Liquid Handler utilizing a density gradient medium to help keep cells in solution during transfer Two other poster were presented by the Labcyte R&D team and our collaborator AstraZeneca highlighting exciting work in the field of acoustic loading of a mass spectrometer. This work has demonstrated early promise in enabling rapid, label free and low cost high throughput screening.


  • JALA Special Issue: Advancing Scientific Innovation with Acoustic Droplet Ejection is a special issue of JALA that was promoted at SLAS. The issue features more than twenty articles highlighting the revolutionary nature of ADE liquid handling and how it’s being applied in a rapidly growing set of applications. The issue highlights how ADE has fostered innovation in the fields of personalized medicine, synthetic biology, and drug combination therapy. Other articles focus on using ADE to improve results while reducing costs in genotyping, RNA interference, and cell-based assays. It also dives into areas not often visited by JALA, including the impact of ADE on protein crystallography and mass spectrometry. You can access all of the articles at

With exciting new applications for Echo liquid handling on the rise, we are already looking forward to participating in next year’s SLAS2017 conference. See you in Washington DC!