DDW Magazine Interviews Labcyte Customer Chris Voigt of MIT about Synthetic Biology


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The summer issue of Drug Discovery World magazine contains a great interview about synthetic biology with our customer Chris Voigt, a professor of biological engineering at MIT.

Various market research studies have pegged the value of the global synthetic biology market at about $5 billion, with compound annual growth expected to be as much as 35 percent for the next several years. Interest from pharmaceutical and biotech companies is one of the main drivers for the increased demand. DDW chatted with Voigt to learn more about the impact this field will have on pharmaceutical workflows and drug pipelines.

Synthetic biology is an important emerging application for our Echo Liquid Handlers. Powered by acoustic droplet ejection technology, Echo Liquid Handlers can be used to transfer nanoliter-sized droplets quickly and precisely, allowing reactions volumes to be reduced by up to 100-fold and drastically reducing experimental costs. In addition, transfer volumes as low as 2.5 nanoliters can extend the useful life of primer libraries and eliminate the need to dilute high concentration primers, saving on storage and primer costs, and preventing dilution errors. In addition to miniaturization, the Echo system can rapidly pool oligos or DNA fragments from library plates. Echo liquid handlers can transfer each oligo or fragment from any well of a microplate in less than a second, and contact-free transfers mean there’s no time wasted changing or washing tips. In a high-throughput setting, customers can save 10-15 hours of time per day. You can read more about our solutions for synthetic biology here.