Biocompare Spotlights Advances in High-Throughput Screening


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Biocompare recently posted an article about high-throughput screening, and Labcyte is featured in the coverage.

“HTS is still a key component of the drug discovery process, but in the past decade or so, researchers started using more focused approaches to screening based on in silico knowledge of protein targets or historical data,” says Labcyte’s VP of Marketing, Chris Grimley. Chris discusses our collaborations with AstraZeneca to develop acoustic tubes and an acoustically loaded mass spectrometer.

From screening modulators of kinase activity, to filtering out interference in drug compound screens, and Labcyte’s uniquely enabling acoustic technology, the article discusses ways “researchers are benefiting from improvements to reagents and instrumentation that are making HTS more efficient and potentially more sensitive in terms of detecting targets—and enabling faster time to results.”