What Science Can Do – Labcyte and AstraZeneca


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Our partners at AstraZeneca have a nice profile on their website that talks about our collaboration to create an acoustically loaded mass spec platform, and why they chose to invest in the Labcyte Echo technology. The goal of this work is to expand the utility of mass spectrometry for high-throughput, low-cost, label-free analysis. As you may recall, this product won the SLAS Innovation Award in 2015!

The platform, which generates data at a rate of 10,000 data points per hour, allows AZ to work at very high throughput and with very small sample volumes. Because it only requires 2µl of sample, the company can screen more compounds or more targets for the same cost – sometimes reducing the cost of HTS by 80%.

Jonathan Wingfield, Principal Scientist, Discovery Sciences at AZ commented: “When you see the droplets flying and you see the science behind it – it’s astonishingly cool. It’s revolutionary.”

His 2015 SLAS presentation, “Novel Acoustic Loading of a Mass Spectrometer — Towards Next Generation High Throughput MS Screening,” was what led to the Innovation Award, and the society received so many requests for access to this presentation that they made it freely available for 2 years. You can watch it here. There is also a peer-reviewed paper from the SLAS journal, Journal of Laboratory Automation, available here (open access).

In the AZ article, Dr. Wingfield discusses how and why AZ entered into this project, and what the reaction from the scientific community has been. You can read it here.