Synthetic Biology in San Francisco: Welcome, SynBioBeta SF!


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SynBioBeta has quickly become one of the premier conferences for the synthetic biology community, and this event will take place in our neighborhood. The Labcyte team is looking forward to meeting everyone in San Francisco to discuss the latest advances in this rapidly evolving field.

The meeting kicks off today, October 4th, with an opening keynote from MIT’s Chris Voigt, one of the pioneering scientists in this burgeoning space. (If you missed Drug Discovery World’s recent interview with Voigt, this is a great chance to catch up.) While all of the talks look appealing, we’re particularly eager to hear from David McClymont, head of automation at the synbio accelerator SynbiCITE, and from DNA synthesis startup Twist Biosciences in its corporate workshop.

Synthetic biology has been an important field for Labcyte, since our acoustic liquid handlers offer advantages in many elements used by scientists. From DNA assembly to sequencing quality control, our Echo Liquid Handlers can help synbio scientists save time and money while producing better results. Learn more here, or stop by our booth at SynBioBeta to meet our team. We hope to see you there!