Join Us in Vancouver at ASHG 2016


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The annual meeting of the American Society of Human Genetics is right around the corner, and the Labcyte team is looking forward to the festivities in Vancouver. The conference will run from October 18th to 22nd, bringing together more than 6,000 scientists for an unparalleled overview of the year’s progress in genetics and genomics.

Each year we’re impressed by how the ASHG presentations keep increasing their throughput. From genes to genomes, from studies of one or two people to hundreds of thousands of people, it’s truly amazing how quickly genetics is shifting to industrial scale.

That’s where Labcyte comes in. Our team has been in the genomics space for years, and we know that scientists need robust, automated tools now more than ever. The acoustic liquid handling technology we developed can be used for a number of applications in this field, making workflows faster and less expensive while preserving precious samples and eliminating waste. Whether your area of interest is sequencing, gene expression, single-cell genomics, genotyping, or qPCR, the Echo Liquid Handlers can improve your experimental results and enable 100-fold reduction of NGS library preparation volumes.

To learn more, please stop by BOOTH 399 at ASHG to meet the Labcyte team. We’d be happy to discuss how acoustic liquid handling could make a difference in your lab. We look forward to meeting you!