Labcompare Feature: The Automated Lab


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According to a new article on, there is a lot to love about automated laboratory platforms, including ease of use, economy, and improved accuracy. And liquid handling has been at the center of lab automation for years, notes author Mike May.

Labcyte’s VP of Marketing Chris Grimley explains how the role of laboratory automation has grown, not only to execute optimized processes, but also to pilot processes before turning over to a production team, to automate “small, redundant processes that are supportive to several laboratory projects or workflows,” and “to perform tasks that cannot be easily performed by hand.”

For example, Labcyte’s Echo liquid handler enables scientists “to transfer libraries of small amounts of DNA into a normalized pool of libraries for sequencing without diluting high-concentration libraries,” Grimley explains. “To do this by hand would require the ability to pipette less than 100 nanoliters, which is considered impossible by most.”

The Echo drives cost savings as well, Grimley says, “Echo liquid handlers enable significant cost reductions by enabling assay miniaturization—often by 100-fold—and by eliminating the need for pipette tips.” These contact free transfers often improve data quality and reproducibility, he notes.

Read the full article online at or in the November print issue of American Laboratory magazine.