Dr. Allan Jordan of Cancer Research UK Interviewed by Mendelspod


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Allan Jordan is Head of Chemistry, Drug Discovery Unit of Cancer Research UK (CRUK) Manchester institute, the largest single disease research charity in the world. He is also a Labcyte customer who was profiled in an award-winning video where he discussed how he used the Echo® Liquid Handler to advance his research and drug discovery work.

Dr. Jordan was recently interviewed by Mendelspod about the charity, which raises more than £500 million per year from public funding and focuses on basic research and drug discovery on all types of cancer. Their goal is to use that information to develop the next generation of medicines to treat patients.

CRUK is unique, says Jordan, because its researchers have complete flexibility in terms of the projects they work on and they can take on more risky projects that might be unattractive to industry. They work to de-risk and develop the best targets to give the maximum benefits to patients without being tied to any specific type of cancer or type of target. (His team uses the Labcyte Echo® 550 to accelerate compound screening).

Jordan is encouraged by early results using genomics, but believes we still have a lot to learn about precision medicine and exactly how it will work. “I think the more we understand that genetic complexity -- the more we learn how to deal with that genetic complexity and how better to use targeted therapies in combination with other targeted therapies -- I think that will start to bring a second revolution in which we see those survival rates start to increase dramatically, we’re starting to see it.”

He says he believes we’re at the “end of the beginning” in figuring out how to put an end to cancer. Labcyte is proud to sponsor the podcast; you can listen to it here.