Customer Spotlight: Ionis Pharmaceuticals


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Scientists at Ionis Pharmaceuticals have spent more than 27 years developing RNA-targeting medicines called antisense therapeutics, making the company a leader in the discovery and development of this exciting new class of drugs.

Andy Watt, the lead identification group screens thousands of compounds designed against hundreds of molecular targets every year. When Labcyte released the Echo 525 Liquid Handler, Watt jumped at the opportunity to try it out. Today, Watt’s team uses the Echo platform to set up and run the qRT-PCR reactions on many different samples in the same plate. “I’m not aware of anything else that can perform at the 25 nanoliter level and then also transfer 2 microliters with such speed. We can also take assays from a plate and transfer them to whichever samples we want. There’s just nothing else that exists like that.”

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