VISIT US @ SLAS2017 to Learn About Tipless, Non-contact Liquid Handling!


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There are several ways to learn more about Labcyte’s tipless, non-contact acoustic liquid handling at the SLAS Annual Meeting in Washington DC, from February 4 - 8. Here are the highlights:


Labcyte is offering a series of informative tutorials at this year’s meeting, which you can register for here. On Monday, Feb 6, we will be discussing how Echo® Acoustic Liquid Handling enables workflows beyond high-throughput screening to streamline genomic applications. Our Tuesday session will include speakers from AstraZeneca, Labcyte, Brooks Life Science Systems, and Titian Software, presenting new collaborative work on how sample management is being revolutionized with acoustic tube dispensing.



Our Sr. Director, R&D and Principal Engineer, Sammy Datwani will be presenting on Monday, February 6, in the Micro- and Nanotechnologies track. His presentation, which will be at 4:00 in Room 146B is titled, “Microfluidics Without Borders: Commercialization Perspectives of High Throughput Applications for Acoustic Droplet Ejection Technology.” His presentation will address the commercialization perspectives of integrating on the micro and nanoscale acoustic droplet ejection for high throughput applications with mass spectrometry and gel electrophoresis.


  • Effective Miniaturization of Small Whole Genome Next-Generation Sequencing by Utilizing Illumina Nextera XT Library Preparation and the Labcyte Echo 525® Liquid Handler
  • A Method to Streamline and Miniaturize Nextera Library Preparation for Illumina Next-Gen Sequencing Using the Labcyte Echo® 525 Liquid Handler
  • Utilizing the Labcyte Echo® Liquid Handler to Validate the Generation of Recombinant Cell Lines by Next-Generation Sequencing
  • High-Throughput Mass Spectrometry: Direct Acoustic Ionization for Sub-Second Sample Processing


Be sure to stop by and visit us at our BOOTH 523, and register for a chance to win an Amazon Echo speaker!

Still using tips? We hope you’ll join us to see how liquid handling has evolved!. See you in Washington DC!