Mendelspod Interviews Labcyte CEO on the Acoustic Liquid Handling Revolution


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Our CEO Mark Fischer-Colbrie was interviewed on Mendelspod recently, talking about the revolution in liquid handling that has been made possible by the Echo acoustic liquid handling systems.

As host Theral Timpson points out in his introduction, people don’t usually think of liquid handling as enabling a life-saving drug or lowered drug prices, but by focusing on the most basic procedure in the lab – how scientists dispense their samples – Labcyte has had a very big impact.

By changing from traditional pipette dispensing to ejecting liquids using sound waves – which are reliably more accurate and repeatable – Labcyte’s acoustic technology transfers liquids with exquisite precision and accuracy at volumes as small as a billionth of a liter, says Fischer-Colbrie. From new drug discoveries, to repurposing of existing drugs, to creation of new diagnostics, the technology is having a direct impact at major pharmaceutical and diagnostics companies.

The technology is also being used to screen cancer patient cells for optimal treatments. The Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland was a pioneer in this work using the Echo, and talked about their experience on a previous Mendelspod episode. Fischer-Colbrie calls this “true personalized medicine.”

Additional applications in genomics and mass spec are generating excitement as well, in the case of synthetic biology shortening a 10-hour process down to 1 hour, and at 1/100th of the cost, says Fischer-Colbrie.
“You guys have defined a new era,” says Timpson.