Labcyte Genomics Symposium Edinburgh: GeneMill Foundry in Liverpool


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The team at SelectScience covered our Genomics Symposium in Edinburgh, providing summaries of the great talks presented by our customers. This is the first of a series of posts with links to those summaries. Each contains a link to the full presentation video hosted by SelectScience.

The GeneMill Foundry in Liverpool provides high-throughput construction and testing of synthetic DNA constructs using a variety of platforms. At the symposium, Dr. Linda D’Amore discussed how they have miniaturized their synthetic biology operations, using the Echo 525 Liquid Handler and next-generation sequencing technologies. “Ultimately, miniaturization reduces costs and enables more ambitious experimental design, allowing more variables and replicates to be tested, which pushes the boundaries of what facilities like GeneMill can achieve,” writes SelectScience.

Dr. D’Amore presented data for miniaturizing experimental design for TX-TL and CRISPR technologies and describes a new miniaturized system for plasmid QC. Finally, she shows how, by combining Labcyte’s acoustic liquid handlers with the PacBio system, it is possible to create a one pot miniaturization system.

Click here to read the summary and video of the presentation.