WEBINAR: Cancer Drug Screening - Watch Now!


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It’s a conundrum that cancer and pharma researchers know all too well: combination treatments tend to be most effective for cancer patients, but high-throughput screening for those combinations adds an unwanted level of complexity to the already challenging discovery process. Furthermore, while the industry has focused on tools to analyze the output from complex combinatorial screens, little attention has been given to tools that simplify the setup and management of creating screening plates.

Addressing these bottlenecks is the topic of a recent webinar from Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News called , “Acoustic Liquid Handling Is Integral for Successful Cancer Drug Discovery,” featuring our Senior Product Marketing Manager Randy Dyer as well As Dr. Bruce Posner from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.

Here’s how GEN sums it up: “With acoustic liquid handling, samples and reagents are rapidly transferred from any well of a library plate to any well of an assay plate in any arrangement, matrix, or layout necessary. Additionally the levels of miniaturization, precision, and accuracy achieved with acoustic liquid handling greatly lowers screening costs while increasing throughput — a significant boost of efficiency.”

Randy described the Echo® Liquid Handlers and the acoustic droplet ejection technology behind them. He also showcased our new software tool designed for combination screening of compounds, called Echo Combination Screen.

Dr. Posner spoke about the use of phenotypic and chemical screens to find new therapeutic approaches in the fight against cancer, and shared his experience with the Labcyte Access™ Laboratory Workstation for this work.