"Sunset at the End," Yeast Art by Jasmine Temple Wins 1st Place at ASM 2017 Agar Art Competition

TUESDAY, MAY 23, 2017

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Congrats to Jasmine Temple and the team at New York University for winning first place in the 3rd Annual American Society for Microbiology (ASM) 2017 Agar Art Competition! According to an ASM press release, the first place winner drew her inspiration from seeing the summer sunset in Montauk for the first time. “I was struck by the beauty of the sunset and I thought of how beautiful it would be in the pink, blue and purple yeast strains,” said Jasmine Temple, Research Technician at New York University Lagone Medical Center, Institute for Systems Genetics.

The image is titled “Sunset at The End.” Enabled by the Echo® 550 Liquid Handler, it was created by nanoprinting droplets consisting of baker’s yeast with pigment-encoded plasmids onto a large agar plate at the Boeke Lab, NYU School of Medicine. Each dot is a separate yeast colony and image develops over days or weeks as the colonies grow and the pigments develop.

According to ASM, the idea of using genes from other organisms to make biological compounds “paves the way toward harnessing yeast in the production of other useful molecules, from food to fuels and drugs.”

Read more about NYU’s Yeast Art Project. Those attending the ASM 2017 Annual Meeting can see notable entries from 2015 - 2016, as well as this year’s winners and notables in a digital display at the ASM Microbe meeting, held June 1-5, in New Orleans.