Interview: Rob Knight from UCSD Talks Microbiome with Mendelspod


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In a recent Mendelspod podcast, you can hear an interview with Labcyte customer Dr. Rob Knight about progress in understanding the microbiome. Dr. Knight, Professor and Founder of the Center for Microbiome Innovation at UC San Diego, is well known for his microbiome research, including work showing that the microbiome of lean mice differed from those of obese mice.

According to Dr. Knight, there are still a lot of questions to answer in the microbiome, but he feels it’s “one of the most exciting frontiers in science.” For example, we know that human genomes are 99.99 percent the same, but our microbiomes can differ by 80-90 percent, “so there’s a lot of variation out there to explain, explore and exploit,” he says.

Dr. Knight relies on platform technologies that “can go wherever the science leads us,” he says. One of these platform technologies is the Echo® Liquid Handler.

“Were very excited about acoustic liquid transfers and it’s certainly true that advances in liquid handling are crucial for metagenomics in high throughput,” says Dr. Knight. “Overall our improved liquid handling pipeline has been transformative for being able to shotgun metagenomics at scale, which we’re now doing a lot of.”

Dr. Knight sees tremendous potential for taking control over our microbiomes, including “an improved user interface to the microbiome”’ that will make it accessible to anyone. Head over to Mendelspod to hear the full interview.