Customer Spotlight: SEngine Precision Medicine


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The complex analysis of multiple data types is greatly needed in precision medicine, according to Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center scientist Carla Grandori. She’s striving to meet that need via SEngine, a Seattle-based enterprise that harnesses the power of genomics and robotics to create truly tailored treatment assessments for those with cancer.

Labcyte technology is helping the cutting-edge company search for new drug targets and test existing drugs and drug combinations on individual tumor samples and patient-derived organoids.

“What I think makes our company unique is how we merge multiple technologies and top expertise in several branches of cancer biology, genomics and drug sensitivity,” Grandori says.

The Labcyte system allows her to rapidly test drug combinations and makes possible what other lab instruments cannot.

“The Echo Liquid Handler's power and accuracy for samples in a very miniaturized format is unparalleled,” she says.

Learn more about the company and its approach to functional drug screening in this customer profile.