Scientists Love Acoustic Liquid Handling

MONDAY, MARCH 07, 2016

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A new special issue of the Journal of Laboratory Automation (JALA) features more than 20 articles – covering more than 200 pages of peer-reviewed scientific reports – that highlight the revolutionary nature of acoustic droplet ejection (ADE) across a diverse range of scientific challenges. ADE has been widely accepted as the state-of-the-art liquid handling solution in high-throughput screening for drug discovery, and now this unique technology is having a powerful impact on a rapidly growing set of applications, including personalized medicine, synthetic biology, and drug combination therapy.

The special issue also dives into areas not often addressed by JALA, including the novel benefits of ADE in protein crystallography and mass spectrometry. Other articles focus on using ADE to improve results while reducing costs in next-generation sequencing library preparation, genotyping, RNA interference, and cell-based assays.

All articles are available for free view and download here, JALA Special Issue: Advancing Scientific Innovation with Acoustic Droplet Ejection (registration required).