Type 45 Ti Fixed-Angle Titanium Rotor

Product No:339160

Type 45 Ti Rotor Assembly, Fixed-Angle Rotor, Titanium. For use in instruments classified: H R S. Note: This rotor cannot be used in 40,000 rpm F or H instruments or the L5-50E unless the instruments have been upgraded with a diffusion pump and vacuum indicator. Major applications: Differential centrifugation of large volumes of subcellular fractions and viruses.

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Product Specifications

Platform Floor Prep
Rotor Type Fixed-Angle (Ultracentrifugation)
Angle 24
Maximum RPM 45,000 rpm
Max g-Force 235,000.00
k-Factor 133
Number of Tubes 6x94 mL / 38x102 mm(6x94 mL / 2x4 in)
Nominal Capacity 564 mL
rMAX 103.8
rMIN 35.9
rAV 69.8 mm
BioSafe Bio-Enhanced
Materials Titanium
Package Quantity 1

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