Type 42.2 Ti Fixed-Angle Titanium Rotor Package

Product No:343007

Type 42.2 Ti Rotor Package. For use in instruments classified: H R S; Includes: Part Number Description 342303; Cellulose Propionate Tubes (bag of 100 each) 330329. Overspeed Disk, 42,000 rpm 332688. Vise Assembly 343008. Spanner Wrench 878446. Forceps 306812; Spinkote Lubricant 335148. Vacuum Grease. Note: Originally this rotor was intended for small-sample lipoprotein applications and was called the LP 42 Ti. However, it has become a popular choice for processing a variety of microsamples, and the name has been changed to the Type 42.2 Ti to reflect its more general use.

$33,743.00 List Price - $33,743.00

Product Specifications

Platform Floor Prep
Rotor Type Fixed-Angle (Ultracentrifugation)
Maximum RPM 42,000 rpm
Max g-Force 223,000.00
k-Factor 137
Number of Tubes 6x14 mL / x
rMAX 113
rMIN 106
BioSafe Bio-Enhanced
Materials Titanium
Package Quantity 1

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