JS-4.2A ARIES Swinging-Bucket Rotor and Buckets

Product No:366695

JS-4.2A Swinging-Bucket Rotor (Windshielded). Windshielded, six-place rotor with aluminum rotor yoke and removable aluminum swinging buckets. Holds up to six liters (6 x 1 L), six blood bags, or six microtiter plate carriers. Accepts all Multi-Disc Adapters. Requires Part Number 367045 Tie Down Kit. Buckets are interchangeable with Microplate Carriers 358682 for spinning microtiter plates and MiniTube Racks. ARIES Smart Balance technology provides imbalance compensation for rotors with buckets that are unbalanced up to 100 grams. Major applications: Rapid sedimentation of protein precipitates, large particles, cells, and cell debris. It can be used for binding studies and separating serum from whole blood. For use in J6 Series centrifuges only.

$17,052.00 List Price - $17,052.00

Product Specifications

Platform J6
Maximum RPM 4,200 rpm
Max g-Force 5,020.00
k-Factor 11,500
rMAX 254
rMIN 114
rAV 184 mm
Materials Anodized Aluminum

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