SX4250 Swinging-Bucket Aluminum Rotor

Product No:392243

SX4250 Swinging-Bucket Rotor, Aluminum. Major applications: Rapidly sediments protein precipitates, large particles, cells, and cell debris. Can also be used for binding studies and for separating serum from whole blood. Place: 4 Volume: 250 mL Swinging Bucket Rotor with 4 Buckets, Allegra X-22, Allegra X-22R, Max RPM 4,200, 4,500; Max RCF, 3,398, 3,901. For use in Allegra X-22 Series centrifuges.

$3,470.00 List Price - $3,470.00

Product Specifications

Platform Allegra 21
Rotor Type Swinging-Bucket (General Purpose)
Angle 90
Maximum RPM 4,500 rpm
Max g-Force 3,901.00
k-Factor 11,070
Number of Tubes 4x250 mL / 62x125 mm(4x250 mL / 2x5 in)
Nominal Capacity 1000 mL
rMAX 172
rMIN 71
rAV 101 mm
Materials Aluminum
Package Quantity 1

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