VS 4.750-96 Swinging-Bucket Rotor with Microplate Carriers

Product No:C63144

The VS 4.750-96 is a four-place swinging-bucket rotor for the Allegra V-15R benchtop centrifuge designed to centrifuge 16 microplates per run.

Product Specifications

Platform Allegra
Rotor Type Swinging-Bucket
Angle 90°
Maximum RPM 4,500 rpm (120V), 4,700 rpm (200-240V)
Max g-Force 3,884.00
Number of Tubes 12 MTPx4 DWP / x
Nominal Capacity 1536 mL
rMAX 157
rMIN 94
rAV 125.5 mm
BioSafe No
Materials Anodized Aluminum
Package Quantity 1

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