Abe M. Hodnett

Work hard, meet deadlines, and have a go-getter attitude.

Abe M. HodnettLogistics and Materials Coordinator Lead

Meet Abe

Everything that comes and goes from Labcyte’s San Jose facility passes by Abe M. Hodnett, Logistics and Materials Coordinator Lead. The “gatekeeper” is well-known among his colleagues and has gotten to know almost everyone since joining the company four years ago.

What is your role at Labcyte?

Basically I’m the gatekeeper of the back door. Raw materials come in through me, and back out as finished goods. Then I use logistics skills to coordinate inventory levels to meet demand at Labcyte’s locations.

What did you do before joining Labcyte?

Previously, I was a shipping and receiving clerk. I started out at Labcyte as a temp, but I stayed on because it was such a great opportunity. I do more than just shipping and receiving in this role. It also involves inventory control and other responsibilities, as well as interaction with all departments.

What’s the best part of your job?

I’m always busy, which I like. I also like that I have my hand in everything, from operating the forklift to using QAD for inventory control, shipping and receiving. I get to interact with Accounting, Manufacturing… I pretty much know everybody in the building.

What do you do for fun?

I’m a movie buff, so I watch a lot of movies. My favorite is Scarface. I also enjoy old cars and sports.

If you could cure any disease, what would it be and why?

If you consider drug addiction a disease, it would be that. Growing up, I saw a lot of it around me. About half the people I came across had some sort of addiction. A lot of family, friends, and friends of friends suffer from it. It’s just so sad.

Who is your favorite influencer?

My boss, Materials Director Randy Moon. He’s taught me a lot about supply chain and logistics since I’ve been here, and I would like to gain as much of his knowledge as I can.

What’s your best career advice?

Work hard, meet deadlines, and have a go-getter attitude.