Access Dual Robot System

The Access Dual Robot System (DRS) is a compact, modular, high-capacity, and high-throughput platform, designed and optimized for the use of Echo Liquid Handlers in sample management workflows. It is the only automation platform on the market compatible with Echo® 650 Series Liquid Handlers, enabling the production of assay-ready plates from acoustic sample tubes. The system combines industry-leading devices and software with ergonomic and environment management options to provide a complete, easy-to-use, store-to-assay sample management solution.

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Brochure — Automated Liquid Handling for Drug Discovery Drug discovery is all about the numbers. A sometimes overwhelming amount of numbers. Maintaining traceability of billions of cells or hundreds, maybe thousands of compounds. Library screening and hit identification. Countless hours spent at the bench, followed by dozens more hours spent mining millions of data points.
Access Single Robot System for Synthetic Biology Workflows Brochure: Miniaturize and Accelerate DNA Assembly and QC for Gene Synthesis
Brochure — Echo Acoustic Liquid Handling for Synthetic Biology Advantages of the Echo Liquid Handler in Synthetic Biology Compared to Tip-based Liquid Handlers