Labcyte Reaches Agreement with Merck to Supply Acoustic-Mass Spectrometry Equipment

April 17, 2018
SAN JOSE, Californa

Labcyte Inc. announced today that the company has entered an agreement with Merck, known as MSD outside the United States and Canada, to utilize Acoustic-Mass Spectrometry (Acoustic-MS) in drug discovery and development.

Pioneered by Labcyte, acoustic droplet ejection (ADE) technology uses the gentle energy of sound waves to move liquids at nanoliter resolution with superior precision and accuracy. The technology does not contact the liquid in any way, avoiding the risk for sample loss, carryover or cross-contamination, and enables miniaturization with reliable fluid transfers at volumes as low as 2.5 nanoliters.

Labcyte has integrated its acoustic liquid handling technology with mass spectrometry in a process referred to as Acoustic-MS. Acoustic-MS has been shown to deliver high-quality data at extremely low volumes. As part of the agreement, prototype systems will be installed at select Merck sites where they will be evaluated within the context of existing and future workflows.

“The ability for scientists to have full control over liquids with nanoliter resolution using our acoustic dispensing is forever changing broad areas of life sciences, from drug discovery to engineering biology,” said Mark Fischer-Colbrie, President and Chief Executive Officer at Labcyte. “Our continued effort to marry this novel capability with the power of mass spectrometry has created a new opportunity to achieve seminal advances driven by ultra-high throughput as well as exceedingly low costs and sample volumes. We look forward to working with Merck, a leading biopharmaceutical company, to build on the results achieved to date.”

About Labcyte Inc.

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