Labcyte Introduces 1536-Well Tissue-Culture Treated Microplates

Bringing the superior performance of Labcyte microplates to new applications

September 24, 2011
Sunnyvale, CA
Sunnyvale, CA — March 28, 2011 —Labcyte Inc. today launched a new 1536-well tissue-culture treated microplate for cell-based screening and discovery applications. By enabling cell culture directly in a high-density microplate, this new product expands cell-based assay miniaturization capabilities, such as direct PCR from cell cultures. The exacting rigidity and flatness specifications improve well-to-well reproducibility, resulting in better data while using less reagents for cell-based applications. This 1536-well low-dead-volume microplate is optimized for robotic and automated microplate liquid handling platforms and plate readers.

“Our Echo® liquid handler customers have realized reduced running costs and higher quality data with our microplates. The introduction of this microplate continues the Labcyte commitment to providing high-quality solutions for the broad life science market”, said Mark Fischer-Colbrie, Labcyte CEO and president. “Collaborators are already experiencing the benefits of this microplate, including increased cell growth and simplified experimental workflows. We anticipate that this microplate will find widespread applications in areas such as small-molecule and protein therapeutic screening, RNAi and gene expression for cell-based assays.”

The new microplate can be ordered now from Labcyte (1536-Well, Low Dead Volume Microplate, Tissue-Culture Treated;1536LDV-TC).

About Labcyte Inc.
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