Labcyte Acoustic Platform Essential to Identification of Novel Cancer Drug Candidates

AstraZeneca Issued US Patent 7,718,653

September 24, 2010
Sunnyvale, CA

Sunnyvale, CA — December 14, 2010 — When the revolutionary Echo® acoustic liquid handler is used in the process of discovering potential therapeutics, important drug candidates are identified that are missed using traditional liquid handlers. In a recently issued patent, the global pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca describes the discovery of a novel set of potential cancer therapeutics that was found only when the Echo system was used. Other major pharmaceutical companies have also reported that the Echo liquid handler was a critical platform in discovering drug candidates.

The Echo system uses acoustic energy to transfer liquids during the drug discovery testing process, avoiding problems associated with transferring potential drug candidates with pipette tips. Drug candidates can be lost when pipette tips become clogged or if the candidate sticks to the tip. Test results can also be compromised by dirty tips or by chemicals leaching from tips. These errors are compounded when doing dose-response experiments. The Echo system reduces false negative and false positive results, leading to better identification of potential therapies.

“Echo systems have been described as revolutionary by our customers, who include all ten of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies. Our products play a key part of the drug discovery process for biotech companies, contract research organizations and academic institutions,” said Labcyte Chief Executive Officer and President, Mark Fischer-Colbrie. “Echo systems increase productivity, significantly reduce costs and most importantly, generate better results—results that may lead to new therapies. This path-breaking approach of using sound to move liquids has also been adopted by customers for qPCR, siRNA testing, tissue-imaging mass spectroscopy, cell transfers and protein crystallography.”

About Labcyte Inc.

Labcyte, a global biotechnology tools company, is revolutionizing liquid handling. Echo liquid handling platforms use sound for the precise transfer of liquids. The environmentally-friendly Echo systems generate better results with significantly lower costs when compared to traditional liquid handling systems that have high running costs, are prone to transfer errors, have risk of sample contamination and waste large amounts of plastic lab consumables. Labcyte equipment is used by all 10 of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies, as well as by small to mid-size pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology firms, contract research organizations and academic institutions. Our customers work across a wide spectrum of biology including drug discovery; genomics; proteomics; diagnostics; imaging mass spectrometry and the transfer of live cells. Labcyte, headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, has global sales and support. Labcyte has 41 U.S. and 12 international patents with additional applications pending. For more information, visit