Velocity11 and Labcyte Collaborate on Automated System for Sample Handling

New high-productivity system integrates nanoliter sample transfer with fully automated system for sample inventory management

May 03, 2004
alo Alto, CA and Sunnyvale, CA
Palo Alto, CA and Sunnyvale, CA—May 3, 2004—Velocity11 and Labcyte Inc. announced a collaboration on a fully automated Assay Assembly system for sample inventory management and distribution.  The Assay Assembly system combines the plate storage and handling capabilities of Velocity11’s BioCel® Laboratory Automation platform with the nanoliter transfer technology of the Labcyte® Echo 550.

The Echo 550 nanoliter transfer system reliably and accurately transfers samples as small as 5 nL.   Low sample volumes result in significant cost savings because overall reagent consumption is reduced.  The Echo 550 is capable of very low volume transfers with high reliability because it utilizes acoustic energy rather than mechanical parts to transfer the fluids   This “touchless” approach eliminates cross-contamination and the need for washing or disposable tips.

JoeBen Bevirt, Vice President of Sales for Velocity11, commented “Touchless transfer technology from Labcyte is a superior sample handling technique for our customers who need to minimize consumption of their valuable compound stores.  By integrating the Echo 550 with our BioCel® system for plate storage and handling supplemented with additional liquid handling capabilities such as our VPrep® system, we deliver a fully automated system for direct access and testing of a complete compound collection.”

Elaine J. Heron, Chief Executive Officer of Labcyte Inc. said, “Velocity11 combines high-quality system integration along with an attention to engineering detail that complements the reliability and ease-of-use of the touchless transfer used by the Echo 550.”

The Assay Assembly system eliminates the need for intermediate compound distribution processes.  With refrigerated storage for 1000 plates, the system has full access to all compounds and can distribute them directly to assay plates.  The system incorporates a dedicated database for inventory management, high speed plate handling, multiple options for reagent dispensing, and the nanoliter sample transfer capability of the Labcyte Echo 550 in an integrated automated work cell capable of producing hundreds of assay plates in either 384 or 1536 well formats.

Both Labcyte and Velocity11 are participating in MipTec 2004.  The conference on drug discovery technologies is held this year in Basel, Switzerland, May 3-6.  Conference participants can view Velocity11’s BioCel® Automation System and other laboratory automation products at booth D13.  The Labcyte Echo 550 nanoliter transfer system will be exhibited at the Bucher Biotech display in booth C3.

Velocity11 is a California-based automation technology company focused on pioneering solutions for life science laboratories. Combining innovative engineering with high standards of quality, Velocity11 designs and manufactures high-performance automation solutions for processes that are transforming the industry. Through high-quality consumables, benchtop instrumentation, and fully-integrated automation platforms, Velocity11 teams its creative approach with personalized customer service to provide complete solutions for any laboratory. For more information, visit the company’s website,

Labcyte Inc, a privately held company, was formed by the merger of Picoliter Inc. and Labcyte, LLC in 2003.  The Sunnyvale, California company provides a line of compact liquid and plate handling systems, plastic laboratory supplies, as well as the Echo 550 low volume liquid dispenser.  The Labcyte acoustic liquid handling technology has broad applications in the life science including dispensing equipment, assay systems, particle manufacturing, microarrays, and living cell transfer devices.  Labcyte has numerous patents issued and pending.  For more information, visit the company’s website,