Labcyte Moves Global Headquarters to 60,000 Square Foot Building in San Jose

Mayor to Participate in Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Today at 11:00 AM PT

June 01, 2017

Labcyte Inc. today announced it has relocated its global headquarters to San Jose, California, taking over a 60,000 square foot building at 170 Rose Orchard Way.

Labcyte, founded in 2000, is a global leader in advanced liquid handling solutions for life science research and clinical applications with more than 200 employees worldwide. The company’s Echo® Liquid Handlers use the gentle energy of sound waves to transfer liquids with high accuracy and billionth of a liter precision. The ability to miniaturize and automate assays saves scientists time and money, and enables new types of experiments that were previously inconceivable or too difficult with traditional methods. Acoustic liquid handling technology is contactless, eliminating the use of pipettes and reducing the volumes required for compounds and samples.

Mayor Sam Liccardo, who will be at Labcyte today to participate in the ribbon cutting ceremony commented: “I would like to congratulate Labcyte on their new headquarters that will leverage Silicon Valley's ingenuity to revolutionize the fields of personalized medicine and synthetic biology. I thank Labcyte for their significant investment in San Jose and we look forward to supporting their continued growth.”

Echo liquid handlers are used worldwide throughout the pharmaceutical industry, as well as by biotechnology companies, genomic services companies, hospitals, contract research organizations, and academic institutions. The company’s innovations have enabled customers to significantly enhance personalized medicine programs, streamline DNA/RNA diagnostic testing, optimize drug discovery pipelines and accelerate a wide spectrum of life science research.

Mark Fischer-Colbrie, Chief Executive Officer of Labcyte commented “Labcyte has been experiencing incredible growth and momentum in recent years as the applications for our technology have exploded beyond traditional pharmaceutical screening uses to a range of genomics and other exciting emerging life science applications. We are very proud to now call San Jose home, and to have all our local employees working and collaborating together under one roof. We expect that this move will help us accelerate our next phase of growth. We are also grateful to San Jose for the warm welcome.”

About Labcyte Inc.

Labcyte, a global biotechnology tools company headquartered in San Jose, California, is revolutionizing liquid handling. Echo® liquid handling systems use sound to precisely transfer liquids without contact, eliminating the use of pipettes. Labcyte instruments are used worldwide throughout the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, as well as by hospitals, service laboratories, contract research organizations, and academic institutions. Our customers work across a wide spectrum of scientific research, including drug discovery, genomics, proteomics, diagnostics and personalized medicine. Labcyte has 60 U.S. patents and others internationally. For more information, visit For more information, visit