Ready-to-go robotic systems for Echo Liquid Handlers

Description Specifications
Base Dimensions 1651mm width x 914 mm depth x 1157 mm height (65 x 36 x 45.5 inches)
Extended dimensions Approximately 2360 mm width x 914 mm depth x 1157 mm height (84.25 x 36 x 45.5 inches) depending on configuration
Weight Approximately 68 kg to 102 kg (150 to 225 lbs.) depending upon components
Electrical 120V, 25A or 240V, 15A ±10%, 50/60 Hz
Air Filtered, oil-free, dry air: 552 kPa (80 PSI) minimum, 1034 kPa (150 PSI) maximum. 70 Lpm at 621 kPa (2.5 cfm at 90 psi)
Vacuum 78 kPa (23 inches Hg) minimum, 2.5 CFM
Labware compatibility All Echo Qualified Microplates and most ANSI-compliant/SBS-standard microplates (96, 384, 1536)
Operating environment 21°C ± 5°C (70°F± 9°F), 10–80% relative humidity, non-condensing
Application software Tempo Automation Control Software and compatible Echo software applications
Operating software Microsoft Windows 7 Professional

Small-Scale Automation with Large-Scale Results

Combine the revolutionary performance of the Echo Liquid Handler with automated plate handling and integrated devices into walk-away systems tailored for a range of applications. Access Laboratory Workstations are modular, flexible, solutions that easily scale when needed.


Ready-to-Go Robotic Systems for Echo Liquid Handlers

Access Laboratory Workstation|by Labcyte Inc.

Improving Throughput and Reproducibility with Automated Plate Handling

Support for a Range of Applications

  • Assay-ready plate preparation
  • Lead optimization and secondary screening assays
  • High-throughput gene expression assays
  • Automated protein crystallography setup


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  • Automated Genomics Platform
  • Assay-Ready Plate Preparation
  • Lead-Optimization and Secondary-screening Assays
  • High-Throughput Gene Expression Assays
  • Automated Protein Crystallography Setup
  • Analysis Only

Automated Genomics Platform

Combine the revolutionary performance of the Echo Liquid Handler with automated plate handling and integrated devices to create walk-away systems tailored for a range of genomic applications. With use of the Access™ Workstation, Echo Liquid Handlers can be easily incorporated into an integrated system to automate genomic workflows including, but not limited to, qPCR, PCR, enzyme reactions, DNA/RNA quantification, sample pooling, and normalization

Automated Genomics Platform

The Access Laboratory Workstation for Assay-ready Plates incorporates a sealer, peeler, bulk-dispenser and centrifuge to support walk-away library reformatting, replication, cherry-picking and dose-response. This workstation accommodates all Echo® qualified plates and most ANSI-compliant/SBS-standard microplates. With random access microplate storage and options for barcode reading, shaking and de-lidding, the Access laboratory workstation offers the productivity of a large-scale system in a compact workspace.

Assay-ready Plate Preparation

Labcyte offers the option to integrate multi-mode microplate readers and controlled storage systems that address a range of biochemical and cell-based assays into a standard Access Laboratory Workstation configuration. This flexibility enables walk-away automation for Cytochrome P450 screening, cell signaling, cell viability and other types of assays. Storage systems can be configured for cold dry compound storage, warm humid cell storage or ambient storage.

Lead-optimization and Secondary-screening Assays

The Access Laboratory Workstation, combined with a one-step qPCR preparation workflow for RT-qPCR, can be adapted for high-throughput gene expression screening. With its ability to transfer nanoliter volumes of samples and reagents accurately and precisely, the Echo Liquid Handler dramatically reduces screening costs—making one-step RT-qPCR viable as a high-throughput screening method. To maximize efficiency, the Access Laboratory Workstation incorporates two Roche LightCycler systems with the Echo Liquid Handler and other devices for cell-dispensing, washing, centrifugation and sealing.

High-throughput Gene Expression Assays

The Access laboratory workstation for protein crystallography applications incorporates an adhesive sealer to prevent evaporation and eliminate the risk of heat exposure, which can occur with thermal sealing. Random access to reagent plates enables on-the-fly creation of grid screens from high-concentration stocks.

Automated Protein Crystallography Setup

A single Access Laboratory Workstation is capable of integrating several detection devices and pooling them to create an automated analysis system that can handle racks of assay plates. Additional accessories, including waste chutes, barcode readers and lid removal stations can also be integrated into the workstation.

Analysis Only