TEMPO Automation Control Software

Dynamic scheduling for Labcyte Automation

Dynamic Scheduling for Labcyte Automation Systems

Tempo Automation Control Software offers a research-friendly interface for scheduling Access Laboratory Workstation and POD Automation Platform protocols. It manages all tasks — including sample management, plate handling, liquid handling, detection and LIMS updates. Tempo Automation Software is included with all Access Workstations and POD Systems. It interfaces directly with all compatible versions of Echo Software Applications.

Simplified Prioritization and Tracking

Tempo Automation Control Software automatically prioritizes and tracks a protocol—from storage to detection. Integrated Echo Liquid Handlers are assigned the highest priority, followed by user-defined priorities. This approach simplifies scheduling without compromising flexibility. In the event of an error, the software provides real-time plate and device information — greatly accelerating recovery. It accommodates a variety of input and output file formats.

Complete Control from a Single Interface

Tempo Automation Software enables users to perform the following functions from a single point of control.

  • Set up email alerts and notifications
  • Monitor device use and maintenance
  • Track incubation variances
  • Stagger the tasks in a process
  • Compare runs with Gantt charts
  • Manage plates and data in real time
  • Activate structured error recovery
  • Customize reports
  • Validate custom runs