Labcyte Assay Microplates


For fluorescence, luminescence, and absorbance assays


Superior Signal to Background Ratios

Labcyte Assay Microplates are for fluorescence, luminescence, and absorbance assays. These detection methods span a broad range of application areas ranging from high-content screening to ADME-Tox.

Key Features

  • Made of cyclic olefin copolymer
  • Superior signal to background ratios
  • Consistent color and clarity
  • Highly uniform thickness of well walls and bottoms
  • Flat, unwarped microplates for both manual and automated systems
  • Compatible with heat sealing devices
  • Designed for robotic handling and barcode customization
  • Supplied deionized and packed in antistatic bags
  • Meet the Standards ANSI/SLAS 1- 1-2004, 3-2004, and ANSI/SLAS 4-2004

Echo Qualified Microplates are available with custom barcode or sterile options.

Product Specifications

Type Specifications Catalog #Cat. # Units
384-Well Low Dead Volume Microplate (384LDV-Clear) Flat bottom, CLEAR LP-0200 50/case
1536-Well Low Dead Volume Microplate (1536LDV-Clear) Flat bottom, CLEAR LP-0400 50/case
1536-Well Low Dead Volume Microplate, Tissue-Culture Treated (1536LDV-TC) Flat bottom, CLEAR LPT-0400 50/case