Better dose titration results

Better Dose Titration Results

Echo Dose-Response software makes it possible to prepare IC50, EC50 or any other type of dose-response curves using the unique ability of the Echo Liquid Handler to perform direct dilution.

Echo Dose-Response software provides a simple step-wise process to design assay plate layout and create dose-response curves. It also incorporates sample distribution, back-fill and control transfer — greatly simplifying the creation of assay-ready plates for dose-response studies.

Wizard Guided Assay Plate Designer

Echo Dose-Response
  • The ability to consider all necessary options through a step-by-step design wizard
  • Rapid identification of samples, controls and reserved locations using color-coded plate maps

Flexible Dose-Response Curve Formats

Echo Dose-Response
  • The flexibility to accommodate most curve-fitting algorithms through row- or column-wise curve orientation for 96-, 384-, 1536- or 3456-well destination plate formats
  • The ability to generate more data points per curve and with replicates